Apr 212011

The beginning of the end for cash? Louisiana has banned the use of cash to buy second-hand goods. A pretty disastrous step for freedom and privacy – hopefully so-much-so that this will be overturned by a sheer wall of pubic opposition.


At the same time, the closest electronic analog to cash, bitcoins are suddenly very cheap

Physical bitcoins

May 302009

Given that I am now updating Twitter much more regularly than I update my blog, I thought it would make sense to link the two – there are a bunch of WordPress plugins that do a good job of displaying your latest tweets in a sidebar on your blog, but I thought it would be better to have the tweets as actual blog posts (so that they don’t take ages to load, and disappear entirely during Twitter’s frequent downtime, as well as to make them searchable from my blog). This way, you save / archive your Twitter posts (tweets) for the rest of their natural life on your blog.

Thankfully, as always, there’s someone out there who has thought of this already and written a plugin for it – this time it’s Alex King with his Twitter Tools plugin – you can find Twitter Tools here: http://alexking.org/projects/wordpress – thanks Alex!